Don’t Worry About It

“Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.”

— Isaiah 41:10

What a useless thing it is to worry. It does not accomplish anything. This does not mean that we are not to give some forethought and planning; but it is talking about going over and over and over again those things which we cannot, at the time, do anything about. Worry never accomplishes anything. It does not improve business; it does not bring our children home safely; and it does not improve our health.

I wonder how many today have been blinded by the corroding effects of worry and care. They have been blinded to the joys and happiness of life. All serenity and peace have been removed from them.

Worry and anxiety both come from the same root: one from Latin, the other from Anglo-Saxon. The root means “to choke or to strangle.” And that is what worry does. It chokes us; it strangles us so that we do not think or see straight. The antonyms for “worry” are “serenity,” “peace,” “joy,” “boldness,” and “confidence.” And when worry is there, all of those things are gone. One physician said that there are innumerable people who die and their deaths are listed for various reasons, but in fact, they were killed by worry.

I wish today that the Spirit of God might rub away some of those worry lines, might relax some aching limbs, that you might hear the Word of God saying to you to rejoice forevermore—that you might be delivered from the dread scourge of worry. Instead of being anxious, cast your cares on the Lord.

Oh Lord, give me strength for today to cast all my cares on You. Forgive me for worrying about things, instead of turning them over to You. Thank You for Your promise to strengthen and uphold me. Thank You that through You I need not fear anything…