The Spade of the Archaeologist

“For we have not followed cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ,but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty.”

— 2 Peter 1:16

The school of higher criticism began in the late eighteenth century. It seemed the higher critics considered themselves called to demolish all traditional views concerning the Bible. For example, they said that it was quite obvious that Moses could not possibly have written the Pentateuch because writing had not even been invented in his day.

It is interesting that not long after the time that higher criticism began, the science of archaeology began as well. But the spade of the archaeologist has been the utter frustration of the higher critic for it was discovered not long after, that writing certainly existed in the time of Moses—actually long before Moses. Isn’t it astonishing to see how many times God’s Word, though doubted by skeptics, is confirmed by the spade of the archaeologist? I have preached whole messages, providing example after example in which the critics assumed the Bible was wrong, but the Scriptures were proved right after all.

The Bible is not some kind of fable. The Bible is not some kind of fairy tale. It is not something that happened up on a cloud in never, never land somewhere, but as people have dug into the sand and into the rock and unearthed thousands, tens of thousands of inscriptions and tablets and symbols of every kind, they have discovered over and over again that what the Bible has been saying all along is indeed the actual facts of history and of God.

We can believe it, rest our souls upon it, and share it with a lost and needy world.

God of truth, Your Word is truth. Thank You for the dependability of the Scriptures, not just as historical facts, but as the means we learn of the bedrock of our salvation and eternal destiny…