God Does Not Grade on the Curve

“Therefore be perfect, even as your Father who is in heaven is perfect.”

— Matthew 5:48

I lived for years in the church without understanding the basic message of Christ myself. That message is good news! Good news that Jesus Christ came and suffered and died that we might have eternal life freely as a gift.

It is not earned or deserved, dear friend. It is absolutely free. In order for us to earn it we would have to pass the test and the passing grade is 100 percent. Since Jesus tells us we’re supposed to be perfect, we realize that all of us have fallen short. The whole class has failed and God doesn’t grade on a curve.

If you realize that you have sinned and if you are not sure that you have eternal life, then I would urge you today to consider what Christ has done. He suffered on the cross for us. He suffered infinitely in our stead. And when He had finished His atoning work He declared “Tetelestai”—it is done, it is paid, it is finished. The wrath of God was paid in full.

We may receive the gift of eternal life by repenting of our sins, which is a sincere determination of our heart and mind to turn from that which is displeasing to God and trust in Jesus Christ his Son. Trusting in Christ doesn’t simply mean an intellectual assent, but saving faith is resting one’s entire hope of eternal life in what Christ did for sinners on the cross.

Lord Jesus, I turn from my sins and come to You for forgiveness and cleansing. Thank You for taking away my sins and making me clean and holy before You. Help me to never tolerate any sin in my life, but to always bring them to You…