Are Your Dreams Consonant With the Bible?

“Therefore, when I have completed this and have given this blessing to them, I shall come by way of you to Spain…”

— Romans 15:28

Throughout history, those who have accomplished great things or made a great impact have always had great dreams.

  • Alexander the Great had a great dream. He had a dream of overcoming the centuries’ old animosity between the western cultures of Greece and Macedonia and the eastern culture of the Persian Empire through military conquest. However, his dream was not built upon the purposes of God, and it crumbled at his death.
  • Napoleon’s dream was to make one great European nation out of France and Germany and Italy. But his dream was shattered at Waterloo. It was not based upon the Word of God.
  • Karl Marx had a dream of a classless society—a dream that does not conform with the nature of man nor the teachings of God’s Word, and it is in retreat.
  • The Apostle Paul had a dream based upon the truth of God. He saw men and women out of every nation, tongue, and tribe loving and worshiping the living God and coming to know the forgiveness and peace of Christ. He put feet under that dream and it is still being carried out.

Do you have any dreams? Or did they end with your childhood? How big are your dreams, my friend? Are they consonant with the teachings of the Scriptures? If so, you must then trust in Christ for their fulfillment.

Lord, You are a God of great and mighty things. Grant us great dreams for the sake of Your kingdom and the strength to live them out…