Fear Not

“But Jesus came and touched them and said, ‘Rise, and do not be afraid.’”

— Matthew 17:7

Do you realize that all of life is a school? Through all the difficult circumstances in life, the Master is trying to teach us a few key lessons over and over, mainly to trust Him.

This is why over and over again the Bible says, “Fear not.” “Be anxious for nothing.” “Be not afraid.” Why? Because Jesus said, “It is I.” But in the Greek, it means “I am.” It was the great tetragrammaton, the four letter name of God, Jehovah, in the Old Testament. When Jesus said that same word to the soldiers in the Garden of Gethsemane, they fell on their backs. “I AM.” The great “I AM,” is here. “Fear not.” “Do not be not afraid.”

Are you afraid? Honestly? Is there something you fear? Is there something you are concerned about? Is there something you are anxious about? God doesn’t want us to be afraid. He doesn’t want us to be fearful. In fact, fear and faith cannot exist in the same person about the same thing at the same time, any more than water and air can exist in the same glass at the same time. One displaces the other.

So, if you are fearful, it is because you are not trusting Jesus Christ for whatever it is you are fearful about. So, trust Him. Again we come back to the basic class, the basic lesson in all of the classes in the school of life: “Fear not, it is I.”

My God, help me to know that nothing comes into my life except through Your loving hand. When I am afraid, I will trust in You. Life can be terrifying, but You are mighty and You have me in the palm of Your hand…