Biblically Based Dreaming

“The slothful man says, ‘There is a lion without! I will be slain in the streets!’”

— Proverbs 22:13

One problem in life is that too many people stop dreaming when they become an adult. Children have many marvelous dreams, but too many times we abandon those dreams by the time we become adults.

I think of a young boy who was but seven years old when Sputnik circled the earth. He became enamored with space. This was in Costa Rica, and he was very poor. But eventually, through hard work, he became the first Hispanic astronaut. He had a dream and would not let it go.

We must work at our dreams. Many people think this is some sort of magic wand. They erroneously imagine that it is some sort of a genie in a bottle. Not so.

One of the reasons some people do not dream large dreams is because they are too lazy to even think about putting feet under them. The very thought of it makes them tired.

Sometimes we can invent supposedly “Christian” excuses for what is really just laziness. “I can’t go into politics because it’s all a dirty business.” “I can’t work on a movie because Hollywood is just corrupt.” “I can’t tell my neighbor about Jesus because he doesn’t want to hear it—besides, it would be unchristian for me to be so pushy.” An excuse is an excuse is an excuse, no matter how we tend to mask it. May God grant us the discernment to see the difference between legitimate obstacles and just plain excuses.

God, help us to see clearly the dream You have planted in our heart as opposed to that which is there from selfish ambition and give us the wisdom to know the difference…