Wise Men Still Seek Him

“… For the Gentiles shall seek Him …”

— Isaiah 11:10

Through the ages Israelites as well as people of other nations have waited for the promised Messiah. Many Gentiles had heard of the Messiah from the Jews in captivity. In Babylon, in Persia, in every place the Jews were taken, the message spread of the long-expected one, the Savior to come.

The wise men who followed the star of Bethlehem had heard the news in this way. Who exactly were these men? Contrary to some accounts, they probably were not kings. Most likely they were ancient scientists, perhaps astrologers or philosophers from Persia or Babylonia. These men traveled a great distance to find the Christ. They had received some sign of His birth, some clue, some message from that strange and singular occurrence in the sky. Why would these men set out on such a hard and hazardous journey? Why would they travel so far to find a new king?

I think the answer these men would give us is the very epitome of wisdom: Truly wise men will ever seek after Christ.

Did the wise men find what they sought? Yes, indeed. They not only found a way to God, they found the Way. They not only found some truth, they found the truth. They not only found life, they found the life. And they fell down and worshiped Him.

This beautiful saga has enshrined itself in the hearts of humankind as a permanent part of the Christmas story. The wise men were the very first of a vast host of Gentiles who would seek and find the Messiah. Most of us are like that … Gentiles privileged enough to come and worship at His cradle. Enjoy that privilege today; come and worship our Lord the Messiah.

“They followed what little light they had, and it brought
them at last into the presence of the living, incarnate God.”