God’s Christmas Gift

“… the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

— Romans 6:23

Well, have you opened yours yet? I’m talking about your Christmas gift from God. It’s what people have always wanted. For centuries people have searched for the fountain of youth, wondering if something somewhere can stop aging and give life anew. The search for immortality—has this been your quest?

Once we open God’s Christmas gift, our search is over. What is this incredible gift that satisfies our deepest longings? Eternal life. God gives it to us as a Christmas gift, totally free because it’s priceless. If it weren’t a gift, who could buy it? How could anyone pay for a hundred billion eons of centuries in Paradise—in a new body that never aches—in a new world without sorrow, weeping, or death? Nobody could pay even one billionth of one percent of the value of this gift.

If you had received all the presents you ever dreamed of and even a thousandfold more, but you lay in your bed with your hands cold and your heart stopped, then it doesn’t matter what’s under the Christmas tree. But God’s gift is eternal life. It can’t be snatched away by death. But, of course, you have to open your gift, which you can do by trusting in Jesus for your salvation.

And unlike many gifts we buy for those we love, God’s Christmas gift has been paid for already. Despite the incredible expense of the gift, He hasn’t charged it—Jesus paid the full price once and for all. Upon that cross of agony, Christ endured in body and soul the wrath of God, which is the wages of sin. Christ paid the price, not with silver or gold or precious stones, but with His own blood.

If you have already opened your Christmas gift from God, then point someone else to the gift this Christmas. Someone near you might not know the true joy of Christmas, unwrapping material gifts while the most beautiful gift in all of Heaven and earth lies unopened. God loves us so much that He gave us His Son. That’s why we give gifts to each other. That’s why we celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

“God’s gifts put men’s best dreams to shame.”
Elizabeth Browning