We Reflect What We Are

“Finally, brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue, and if there is any praise, think on these things.”

— Philippians 4:8

The author William Thackeray once said: “The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face.”

Some people never learn that lesson. They are miserable, and their life is a failure because they never learned that simple truth. I know individuals who have been through one job after another, after another, after another. Why? Because of “those folks over there,” that’s why. Those “no-good, low-down, malicious, gossiping, hateful people.” They are going to find when they move to a new job that the people there are just the same.

The mirror of the world is a mirror that reflects quite accurately a picture of ourselves. Thackeray continued “Frown at it, and it will in turn look sourly upon you; laugh at it and with it, and it is a jolly, compassionate boomerang.”

As we think in our hearts, so our faces reflect and so our words embody our thoughts. The Apostle Paul said in Philippians 4:8 that we should focus on the good things. May I ask you: How much time did you spend reflecting on those things this past week? We probably take it very lightly and then wonder why things are so difficult in the world.

God of grace and beauty, fill my heart and mind with loveliness. Make me a beautiful person that I might reflect Your beauty to the people I meet today…