Three Means of God’s Guidance

“The meek will He guide in judgment, and the meek He will teach His way.”

— Psalms 25:9

There is a story about a ship that was sailing down the coast, and it had to turn into the port. But it was a black night, overcast, no moon, no stars, only a few lights at that time along the shore. How was the captain ever going to find the port? A friend was with him, and he had no idea in that day how in the world this captain was ever going to find his way into that port and into the bay without just running the ship right aground.

And the captain said, in this case it was very simple. “You see that red light over there and that one there and that one there?” He said, “Those lights will eventually line up in a straight line, and at that point I turn 180 degrees to the starboard and sail right into the port.”

That reminds us that there are at least three ways that God does guide the humble of heart. The first of which is by the Scripture, and there is much guidance in the Scripture for us. It is, we should always remember, the only infallible guidance that we have. Then there is guidance through circumstances, and there is guidance through the Holy Spirit. Now certainly the Holy Spirit’s guidance would be completely adequate, but since we have fallen into sin—though He is broadcasting properly—our receptors are dented and marred and distorted and there is so much static we don’t hear clearly. But Scripture is our infallible guide.

Lord, we would be so lost without Your Word. We thank You for the light it daily sheds on our way. Help us to take our guidance from You always. Lord, give me strength for today to follow You where You choose to lead me…