Your Sins Will Find You Out

Then Joshua said, “Why have you brought trouble on us? The LORD will trouble you today.”

— Joshua 7:25

The Bible reminds us: Be sure your sins will find you out. Yet how often we seem quite sure that they won’t. I am sure Achan must have felt that in the midst of three million people God would never notice what he was doing. Yet, God ordered that the tribes be brought one by one, and it fell on Judah, and then the lot fell upon his great grandfather and then his grandfather and finally upon him. And so, as described in Joshua 7, Achan not only brought defeat upon the army of God, but he brought death upon himself. He, and his wife, and his children, and his cattle were all brought into the valley of Achor (the valley of sorrow and trouble), and there they were stoned until they were all dead. Then their corpses were burnt with fire and covered over with stones.

Therefore, as this account shows us, our sins always affect others and bring trouble upon people beyond ourselves.

Question to ponder:
Is there any sin in your life that only you and God know about? What do you plan to do about it?