The High Cost of Unbelief

Then, when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin; and when sin is finished, it brings forth death.

— James 1:15

Did you ever think about the high cost of unbelief in our society? Just think about what sin has done to our young people today.

Drugs, alcohol, and hard rock music—with its prevalent themes of sex, suicide, drugs, and devil worship—are all having a catastrophic affect upon the thinking, morals, and behavior of young people today. Our schools, with their secular, humanistic bent toward removing references to God and absolute morals from curriculum, contribute mightily to the powerful influences that send young people on the road to the “far country.”

My friends, weigh the difference that faith makes. I hope that when you consider the cost of secularism and humanism and unbelief, you will say, “Enough. We have had enough of this. This is an alien, godless view and we want no more of it foisted on our children. We don’t want them or us to have to pay the consequences now and in the years to come.” If we think it is bad now, what will happen when the millions of young people who are indoctrinated with these views in our schools reach maturity and get to the graduate school of unbelief?

Question to ponder:
Has unbelief ever cost you something precious in your life?