Wisdom Seeking

“O you simple, understand wisdom, and you fools, be of an understanding heart.”

— Proverbs 8:5

Certainly, we should be seeking wisdom. But in one sense the Bible presents wisdom as seeking us. We can see this is the great wisdom chapter of Proverbs 8.

In the first eleven verses we see an introduction of Wisdom personified as a woman standing at the gate calling forth boldly for all to come and hear what she has to say. She sets forth her reasons why men should trust in her in contrast to the seductive, sinful women who are described in the preceding chapters.

Then in verses 12-21, Wisdom displays her various excellencies and points out what she has accomplished and what she continues to accomplish in the lives of those who have sought after her.

In the second half of Proverbs 8, we see that Wisdom is to be sought after and acquired. By seeking Wisdom, we are seeking God. We see here an adumbration, a foreshadowing, of the incarnate Christ. We see that there is something more here than just a human wisdom, but here is the One by whom God created the universe. The creation poem found in verse 22 and following is similar to the Logos passage in John 1.

Finally, in the last few verses of Proverbs 8, again Wisdom articulates the duty of all to harken to her instructions. By Wisdom, God created the world.

God is the source of all wisdom, and He wants us to walk in His wisdom.

Lord Jesus Christ, give us strength today to live in Your wisdom. Help us to see that the wisdom of this world is foolishness to You. Grant us Your wisdom that we might know Your thoughts and practice right thinking…