Who Cares for the Sick?

… I was sick and you visited Me …

— Matthew 25:36

A famous atheist was quoted as saying: “An atheist wants a heaven on earth, a hospital instead of a church. He wants disease conquered, poverty vanquished, and war eliminated.” Now, that expresses a very noble sentiment.

But what say the facts? This person says atheists want heaven on earth. To bring it about they want a hospital instead of a church. Isn’t that an amazing thing? As far as I know, there is not a single hospital anywhere on the face of this globe that has ever been voluntarily built by atheists.

That is not to say that some government, committed to atheism, may not confiscate by taxation some of the wealth of the people and build a hospital. But atheists voluntarily banding together and contributing their own money freely to build a hospital? There is not one that I know of on the face of the earth.

Christians, however, have built tens of thousands of hospitals all over the world, even in the most remote parts of the farthest jungles on the earth; hospitals that minister to the sick and to the lepers and to the blind and to the deaf and to the crippled and the maimed of every sort.

We can thank the Lord for the love of Christ, which has motivated Christians to care for the sick and advance modern medicine so that His love and mercy may be demonstrated all around the world.

Question to ponder:
Would you be alive today if it were not for modern medicine?