When Your Love Grows Cold

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”

— John 15:13

As human beings we go through an enormous variety of emotions. Feelings are part of life’s color; when we don’t feel anything, life can seem flat and drab.

As tough as it is to admit, loving our Lord falls in this category. While His love for us is constant and eternal, some days, because we are human and sinful beings, we don’t naturally feel a sense of love overflowing toward Him.

When we find loving our Lord difficult, how can we renew our love for Him? We do this by remembering His suffering for us. I am amazed at how glibly we repeat those words, “Christ died for my sins,” without considering the incredible truth contained therein. When we remember Christ’s anguish in the Garden of Gethsemane, the agony He suffered at the hands of the high priest and Pontius Pilate, the excruciating death He endured on the cross, then love for our Lord and Savior should flood our hearts. This is why the Lord’s Supper is so important. It reminds us of His sufferings on our behalf. When we fix our minds on that thought—that our Creator died for us—our love for Him will be renewed.

Whenever you feel that your love for the Lord has grown cold, climb the mountain of Calvary and breathe in the fresh air from Heaven. This will renew your soul and increase your spiritual vitality.

“I love Thee, because Thou has first loved me, And purchased
my pardon on Calvary’s tree. I love Thee for wearing the
thorns on Thy brow; if ever I loved Thee, My Jesus ’tis now.”
William R. Featherstone