What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?

“He who was seated on the throne said, ‘Look! I am making all things new.’”

— Revelation 21:5

Some people have made transformational changes in one department of human learning or in one aspect of human life, and their names are forever enshrined in the annals of human history. But Jesus Christ, the greatest man who ever lived, changed virtually every aspect of human life—and most people don’t know it. The greatest tragedy of the Christmas holiday each year is not so much its commercialization (gross as that is), but its trivialization. How tragic it is that people have forgotten Him to whom they owe so very much.

Because of Jesus and the church, we see historically all sorts of positive ways in which life on earth had been transformed for the better. This includes transforming the value of human life, the creation of the hospital, education for the masses, and giving birth to modern science. All the early pioneers of science believed that a rational God had a made a rational universe and it was their job to “think God’s thoughts after Him,” as astronomer Johannes Kepler put it.

More than a century ago, poet James Russell Lowell, author of the hymn “Once to man and every nation” said this: “I challenge any skeptic to find a ten square mile spot on this planet where they can live their lives in peace and safety and decency, where womanhood is honored, where infancy and old age are revered, where they can educate their children, where the Gospel of Jesus Christ has not gone first to prepare the way.”

Jesus Christ, we thank You today for coming into our world and transforming it. Help us to transform our particular sphere of influence where You have placed us…