Unanswered Prayer

“Do not abandon me, O Lord; O my God, do not be far from me.”

— Psalm 38:21

Unanswered prayers—the bane of every Christian’s life—is the distressing problem of the children of God down through the centuries. It is, in fact, the cause of spiritual retrogression.

It is because of unanswered prayers, perhaps more than any other reason, that Christians pray less, and when they pray less, their lives are less changed by God and their prayers are consequently less answered. The result is that having begun their spiritual career with great joy as they spend time with the Savior, over the years, things changed.

Many Christians have discovered that their prayers have become tedious. They have often felt that their prayers have not risen any higher than the ceiling. Their lives seem to be unaffected by their prayers—not only their lives personally, but the circumstances in which they live. God’s timing is not ours. Our prayers are heard, and God will answer. Often it is a matter of surrendering our will to His. Sometimes we might not be praying according to His will.

There is one prayer that God will always answer, “Thy will be done.” When we ask for God’s will to be done in our lives, He will do it. We often find great, positive changes in our lives when we submit to God in prayer. God delights in answering our prayers. Don’t let your prayer life become a tedious listing off of rote items. Instead, recognize it for what it is—communing with the Almighty Creator of the Universe.

O Lord, You who answer the cry of the heart of Your children, You see the longtime prayers that we have laid before You over and over. Give us strength for today to persist in prayer, to be faithful in our prayers, even if the fulfillment takes place after we’re gone…