The Whole World Has Flunked

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

— Romans 3:23

There are so many who live on pure presumption, as I myself did for years. I presumed that I was so good that I would enter into God’s kingdom. I did not realize that I was calling God a liar, for He says, “There is none good but one” (Matthew 19:17). I presumed that because I kept the commandments, I would enter into that kingdom. I did not know that Christ said, “Moses gave you the commandments and none of you has kept them.”  I thought I was as good as many, or even better, and I did not know that the Bible said, we “are together become unprofitable” (Romans 3:12). This meant that the whole world has flunked and that I needed the Savior. I was trying to reach the Kingdom through the back door by my own good deeds and good works.      

Finally, when I heard the old, old story of Jesus for the first time and understood it, the rock of my heart was riven. I found myself upon my face on the floor, weeping tears of repentance for my sins, and receiving Him into my heart as the risen and blessed Redeemer and King. My life was changed and I came to know—even as a thief beside Him on the Cross came to know—that I would be with Him in Paradise.

Question to ponder:
When did you realize you were a sinner in dire need of a Savior?