The Problem Solver

Cast all your care upon Him, because He cares for you.

— 1 Peter 5:7

Our age has, very properly, been called the “Age of Anxiety.” It seems that worry, tension, and fear are endemic in modern society. We had thought that by conquering the forces of nature and bending them to the will of man, we would deliver ourselves from our problems and enter into a golden age.

Unfortunately, it did not quite work out that way. Rather, like Dr. Frankenstein, we have produced a monster. He hoped that the creature he made would be a helpful one. But, you may recall, it went wild, terrorized his life, and finally brought him to a horrible and untimely end.

Do you have a problem today? Well, I have a problem solver. Do you have a big problem today? I have a problem shrinker, and it never ever fails. I don’t care what your problem is. You may be worrying about what you are going to do. Is that merger in your business going to work out? What about that balloon payment you have on your mortgage? What is going to happen in your marriage? How will you get your kids through college? Will he ever call me again for a date?

I don’t care how big your problem is, try this problem solver: Jesus Christ, the One who conquered life’s only real problem—the problem of death.

Question to ponder:
What do you perceive as your biggest problem right now?