The Pied Pipers

They would have none of my counsel and despised all my reproof.

— Proverbs 1:30

We go to all kinds of sources to find out how we ought to do things in this country. Decades ago, we went to Dr. Benjamin Spock to find out how to rear children and produced the most rebellious generation of young people this country has ever seen. We have gone to Marx and other socialist writers to find out how to run our economy, and to one radical teacher after another to learn how to do the various things we do in this nation. The results have, for the most part, been disastrous.

Just because someone has a degree or writes a popular book does not mean that we should necessarily follow him or take her wisdom to heart. We have seen the liberal theological scholarship dismantle our biblical foundation in the minds of many. People listen because they are the “ones who know.” You can find a scholar and expert who says virtually anything. Therefore, be careful who you listen to and whose advice you take.

Question to ponder:
Who are the people you take advice from and whose scholarship do you trust?