The Myth of “Quality Time”

Remember how short my time is!

— Psalms 89:47

When we look back, it always seems that time was so very short. The years the children were home—gone. The years of school and study—over. We must remember to redeem the time we have.

It is interesting that what children most remember about their parents when they grow up is not so much what they said, but what they did with them—the time they spent with them. One recent study has shown that the average father spends 37 minutes a day with his child. That would be tragic, except the truth is he spends 37 seconds a day talking to his child. That truly is a tragedy.

What is worse, this is given the name of “quality time.” But it has also been discovered that children are totally incapable of recognizing “quality time.” From their perspective, what concerns them is how much time you spend with them.

Time is a gift and time spent with a child, a parent, a spouse is never wasted. Our families are our first priority under the Lord. These are the people God us put in our lives for us to minister to. Time spent with family is time well spent.

Question to ponder:
How can you show love by spending time today with a family member?