The Music of Christmas

Glory to God in the highest …

— Luke 2:14

In praise and honor of His Son, God has reserved some of the most beautiful music on earth for the celebration of Christmas. Music, this heavenly language, has been lent to us express what words can not. It has enriched our hearts when no words would do.

I recall many years ago, I went to a Christmas musical program that was being held at the high school I attended. Songs of Christmas were being sung and I recall that I was the only one seated in the balcony. Although I did not know Christ personally, there was something about the music that seemed to reach out and wrap its fingers around my heart and pull. There was a strange sort of mysterious wonder about it. I remember sitting there with tears streaming down my face. I didn’t know why. There is something about Christmas.

Why not take time this Christmas season to go to a concert—Handel’s Messiah if possible—and let the music minister to your soul?

Question to ponder:
What piece of Christmas music is especially meaningful to you?