The Loneliness of Jesus

But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.

— 1 John 1:7

Millions are lonely today. Yet Jesus experienced a gut-wrenching type of loneliness. Christ Jesus was alone for a time, so that we don’t ever have to be.

For the first time in eternity, when Jesus suffered on the Cross, the fellowship He had with His Father was broken. Thus He did not know the comfort of His Father. For Him the heavens were turned to brass and there was none to help. Abandoned by man, abandoned by His nation, abandoned by His Church, abandoned by His disciples, abandoned by His Father, He was alone. This will be true of all who do not trust in Him. They will someday be alone forever in Hell—which is not a big cocktail party as some wags suppose it to be. It is unmitigated loneliness.

Because of what He underwent, we need never experience loneliness. I think we desperately need to have our attention drawn to true and rich Christian fellowship, as seen, for example, in the early Church. That is especially the case in these days when people are becoming increasingly depersonalized; when they are only numbers; when they pass by thousands in the vast cities of our countries and yet seldom enter into any sort of communion. How many there are in the midst of the teeming masses of this land who are suffering the yearnings and heartache of loneliness. We need that sense of community—that fellowship of the saints the New Testament so often speaks of.

Jesus always calls us into fellowship—with Him, and with His church.

Question to ponder:
Are you experiencing good Christian fellowship on a regular basis? If not, whom could you contact to seek it more often?