The Last Enemy

“The last enemy that will be destroyed is death.”

— 1 Corinthians 15:26

Did you ever have an appointment you dreaded so much that you tried to get out of it any way you could? Many people seem to face death with a similar dread but never admit it to themselves. In fact, many avoid thinking of death at all costs.

The Bible says that Satan has kept the whole world in bondage throughout its history through the fear of death. Just look at the pagan cultures of the world, and you’ll see a pervasive, desperate fear of the black unknown. No wonder death is called the “king of terrors.”

It wasn’t always this way. In the nineteenth century, people commonly discussed death. Many plays had deathbed scenes in them in which death occurred naturally. Talking about sex may have been taboo, but not discussing death. Today that is reversed. Everyone talks about sex, but nobody wants to talk about death. This attitude brings to mind a British king who charged that anyone who mentioned the word “death” in his presence would experience it shortly.

People have flouted God’s laws since the beginning of time, and have always been afraid to face that great appointment with death. The Scripture says, “It is appointed for men to die once.” We all have our appointment with the king of terrors. Like it or not, we can’t postpone this appointment indefinitely. It’s unavoidable.

But those of us who believe in Jesus Christ’s saving grace needn’t fear this appointment. In fact, we can look forward to it with great joy. The amazing grace of God transforms death into the very portal to paradise. Christ said, “He who believes in me has everlasting life.” What a glorious promise that is.

The next time you ponder that great appointment when this life ends and eternity begins, you needn’t dread it. Instead, rejoice that death has been swallowed up in victory.

“Beware that moral dart [of death] for there is none but
He that dwells on high that can sustain its blow and live.”
John Milton