The Final Step in Salvation

… and those whom He justified, He also glorified.

— Romans 8:30

The final part of our salvation is glorification. This will take place when we are finally home in heaven and made perfect through Jesus Christ.

I have always known that in glorification we would be perfect. I knew that we would have perfect bodies; we would never be sick; we would never be weary; we would never tire nor need sleep. All of that, of course, is true but I never thought about the face being perfect. I thought that if we were perfect we would all look the same. Of course, that is not really so. Each one of us is a certain type that God has made. We are unique like snowflakes, but each one of us also is marred: a little twist to the nose, or bulge to the ears, or a crook to the teeth, or whatever it might be. Just think, however, what would happen if all those imperfections were corrected: perfection, paradise, a perfect body in a perfect environment—forever. All compliments of Jesus Christ!

That is just the physical part of our glorification. Our darkened mind will be sharp and perfectly able to function at top capacity. Our will shall finally be free from all evil influences and unable to rebel again. Our emotions will be healed of all hurt and pain. Most of all, our souls will be sinless and sin-free forever.

Question to ponder:
Think of your own glorification. What do you look forward to most?