The Art of Bible Reading

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

— 2 Timothy 2:15

When you receive a letter from someone you love, you open it right away and read it again and again, right? Well, in your Bible you have sixty-six love letters from God’s heart to yours. What a tremendous profession of His undying love. Don’t you want to read them again and again to get every last nuance of His dedication to you?

We need to read our Bibles daily. When God gave manna from Heaven, He told His children not to store it up, but to go out and collect it each day. In the same way, we need to feed ourselves daily on our spiritual food—God’s Word. But despite our good intentions, we often find it difficult to remain dedicated to daily Bible reading. Let me make a few suggestions that may help you delve into God’s love letter to you.

First of all, develop a plan for your Bible reading. For example, read from both the Old Testament and the New Testament on the same day, perhaps from the New Testament in the morning and from the Old Testament in the evening. Then take time to meditate on what you just read. Ask yourself, “What did this passage say? Does it communicate a theological doctrine? Is it a command I should obey? A promise I can claim? A warning I should heed? An example I should follow or avoid? How is God trying to speak to my heart?” Then resolve to live by the truth the passage shows you. If you need help understanding what you read, get a good commentary, such as Matthew Henry, which has stood the test of time and blessed thousands of lives. When you interact with other Christians, make a habit of sharing what you’ve learned from your personal Bible reading, and invite your friends to share, too. You can also benefit greatly by studying the Bible with other believers. Sometimes group interaction helps you see a truth you would have missed if you had studied alone.

The Bible is an amazing, unique, life-giving Book. If you have neglected to read God’s love letters to you, ask Him to forgive you and to help you become a student of His Word.

“The Bible is our only safe guide.”
Daniel Webster