The Antidote to Sin

The Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.

— Luke 19:10

Suppose a man out in the Florida Everglades is struck by the fangs of a water moccasin and its deadly venom is pumped into his blood. Staggering in agony, he collapses and he soon will be breathing his last. Yet at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale there is a locked cabinet, which contains within it the antidote for that and many other poisons. There are no doubt some orderlies or doctors who have the key to that cabinet.

Now any rational, reasonable person will understand immediately that it is the fault of the orderly that that man has died. Not so, you say . . . and properly so. It is not his fault. He had nothing to do with it. The reason that man is dying has nothing to do with the antidote, the anti-venom there in the hospital or the doctors or the orderlies who have the key. The reason that he is dying is because of the venom of the poisonous snake.

Christ came to save us, not to condemn us. For as His Word says: We were condemned already. We are condemned for our sins because of the venom of that ancient serpent that caused mankind to fall into sin and causes us to manifest that deadly poison in so many vile ways in our lives. That is the reason we are dying. We need to unlock the Gospel and get it out to the highways and byways, so that sinners may be redeemed.

Question to ponder:
Do you think there’s any more you can do in your life to help the lost hear the good news of Christ?