Send A Great Revival!

“. . . O Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years!”

— Habakkuk 3:2

Today we’ll take our last look at revival. Particularly, we’ll look at some great revivals of the past.

Perhaps the most notable revival of the twentieth century happened in 1904 and 1905 in the tiny land of Wales. This revival started with a few people fervently praying. The prayers of these people had powerful results. Churches that had been one-fourth full of apathetic Christians began to come alive. The Spirit of God fell on various towns, moving everywhere. Within five months, over a hundred thousand people in that small land converted to Christianity. The bars in many towns had to shut down completely, and the jails were emptied and closed.

Another powerful revival happened years ago on the battleship North Carolina. While this battleship anchored in New York harbor, four young men out of a thousand got together. They could find no other Christians, but they asked for a room where they could meet and pray. They were assigned a little room way below the waterline, and day after day they faithfully met together to pray. They prayed that God would pour His blessing upon that ship. Finally one day the Spirit of God descended, the sailors’ hearts burned within them, and they knew that God was present. They began to sing praises to God, and their hymns of praise wafted up through the ship. Hearing the singing, rough sailors came down to mock the four men, but when these rough men entered the room, the power of God’s Spirit gripped them. These men fell to their knees. Eventually, hundreds converted to Christianity, and a great revival swept the entire ship. In fact, the revival carried from that ship to others.

The same God who changed these men, the same God who changed Saul of Tarsus into Paul the Apostle, can change anyone. Today pray that God will bring revival to our nation, especially to the people whom you’d least expect would give their lives to Christ. He can work through you as you faithfully pray.

“It [revival] is a sovereign act of God, whereby He
intervenes to lift the situation completely out of human
hands and works in extraordinary power.”
Jeffrey King