Remembering God’s Presence in Our Lives

“For He has said: ‘I will never leave you, nor forsake you.’”
— Hebrews 13:5

How often it is with us, that in the midst of our distresses and troubles, we think God is far away—that Christ is far away—and we seem to be all on our own without any resources or help. Sometimes we despair; we are terrified. But Christ is watching us. Whatever problem we are in, though Christ may seem far away, He is there, watching, and He is willing and able to come to our need.

Oftentimes it seems He comes in the very last moment. When the disciples experienced a storm one night on the Sea of Galilee, He allowed them to expend their energies until finally they were at the end of themselves. He proved again that man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.

I have had my share of problems and distresses on the water, also. One incident could have been a terrible disaster when a little child was in a boat I was driving. But in God’s mercy, the most that was lost were material possessions—not life or limb. What to my mind was certain total disaster, God, in His gracious providence oversaw and allowed the boat to land right on top of a tree, which lowered it gently into the thick under-brush below.

I have often thought about how God was with me, even when I didn’t think He was. When He seemed to be far away, and I was out in the middle of a lake, completely helpless, totally beyond my ability to do anything about the situation, I found that God helped.

Oh God, Help of the helpless, abide with me. So often we do not see Your hand that leads us home. Help us to remember in the darkness what You have shown us in the light. Let us trust that You see us when we do not see You.