“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be given to you.”

— Matthew 6:33

I always remember the admonition of Charles Spurgeon who said that Christ never told us to seek the kingdom of God. He is right. Christ never told us to seek the kingdom of God. He told us to seek it first.

Instead of being worried about “all these things,” that is, what to eat, what to wear, providing basic necessities, Jesus tells us to make His kingdom and righteousness our top priority.

When we get so consumed with all “these things” to the point that we put the kingdom of God way down on the list, then the result is 1) we don’t begin to have all of the things that God is more than willing to give to us, and 2) we miss out on the blessings of seeking the kingdom of God.

As we consider how to engage in “spiritual purposing,” so that His kingdom really is our true priority, then consider ways to spend more time with Christ—time reading His Word, time going to Him in prayer. That quiet time is the essence of the Christian life. Without that, you will never grow in God’s kingdom. I would urge you this day to determine that starting now you are not going to let a day go by that you don’t spend some time in His Word and in prayer. That has been a goal of mine for virtually my entire Christian life. I hope you make it yours if it isn’t already.

God, our King, we are citizens of Your kingdom and we are so grateful for being included and accepted by You, our rightful King. Give us the grace to put You first and seek to advance Your kingdom every day…