On Being an Extraterrestrial Alien

“But our citizenship is in heaven, from where also we await for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ…”

— Philippians 3:20

I don’t know if I really ought to let you know this, but I think it’s time I told you. I am actually an extraterrestrial alien visiting this planet. That’s true. Now before you think we are talking about the body snatchers, Christ, who is an extraterrestrial, has come to live in my heart and creating a new and heavenly nature within me. So my citizenship is in heaven, and I am an alien here on this earth. A resident for a while. We need to always remember that.

You know it is interesting in all of the sci-fi pictures that I have ever seen where there were aliens on this earth, they always seem to remember that they were from somewhere else and that they were really aliens and they had an agenda, usually malignant, for themselves while they were here.

Now we are not really illegal aliens because Christ owns this planet. He made this planet, this is His world. But we have an agenda. It is not malignant. It is most beneficial to bring about the salvation of mankind. We now look for Jesus Christ our Savior who will come from heaven and who will change our corrupted bodies. As soon as we mature, we begin to die, until finally we are a cold corpse lying in a casket.

While in this body of flesh, let us do good to others on this earth, recognizing that our ultimate citizenship is in heaven. Not bad work for an alien.

Lord of heaven and earth, give me strength today to live in this world, with my eyes fixed on heaven. Help us to remember that this is not our true home. So help us to not get too attached to this world…