No More Tears

God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. There shall be no more death. Neither shall there be any more sorrow nor crying nor pain …

— Revelation 21:4

In this life, because of sin, there is much sorrow. Between our far from God, sin-laden souls, and the joy that is at the right hand of God, there is, I believe, almost of necessity, a vale of tears to be crossed. Just as icicles hanging on the frosted branches drip forth water when the sun shines on them, even so the sin-filled soul, when it is brought close to the Son of Righteousness, will invariably drip with tears.

All the sins of man eventually turn into tears. For some, the tears come in this world. For those with harder hearts, they come in the next world. However, they will come, for God has so ordained that sin must bring tears of contrition and repentance. Don’t misunderstand: I would have you to clearly know that it takes more than our salty tears to wash away the stains of all our sins. It is only when we place our trust in Christ, and Him alone, that we can find forgiveness and the confident hope of eternal life with Him in Heaven.

The Bible tell us that in Heaven there shall be no more tears, for God shall wipe them away with His own finger.

Question to ponder:
What kind of tears are good and beneficial?