Never Too Old

“He said, ‘O my Lord, send, I pray, by the hand of whomever else You will send.’”
— Exodus 4:13

Some people think they are too old to do something significant in life. But I think of a gentleman who really never did much of anything. He dropped out of school and went to work in a store where he worked for about six months and got fired. That was just a picture of what was to come. He got fired from one job after another. This pattern lasted  for decades.

Then one day he got a letter in the mail. It was a letter from Social Security, congratulating him for having reached the end of his working career and included a check. But he refused to quit working.

He was eventually able to buy a small beat-up old building that had been a restaurant and turned it into a decent looking place where he could sell food. What he really liked to do was to cook chicken. So he started selling chicken there, and the people liked it. He had a special recipe—a secret recipe. Finally, his business spread to franchises in other states around the country and around the world.

God blessed Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and he succeeded enormously. You’re never too old to make a contribution in life. Look at Moses, who may well have thought he was washed up at 40, tended sheep for 40 years, but was then called by God at age 80 to serve the Lord in mighty ways for the next 40 years.

Dear God, thank You that You care about us no matter how old we might be. Thank You that You can use us whatever age we may be. Help us to not sell ourselves short because of age or anything else…