Living by Faith

“… The just shall live by faith.”

— Romans 1:17

Do you want to know the secret of successful living? God wants to teach it to you. He wants you to know that you can trust Him for everything that happens in this world and in the world to come.

Do you trust God to take care of today and for that day when you shall see Him face to face?

Many people find life overwhelming. They look down the road of their lives and fear all sorts of impending disasters and tragedies, believing that nothing will work out right. As these people clearly and realistically look at the world, nothing looks encouraging, and, therefore, they worry.

And that’s just the way Satan likes it. He doesn’t want us to trust God. He wants us to fret about our lives, so he attempts to entice us into living for ourselves, in our own power. He says, “Come and do it my way. Forget about God. Try it this way. Live for the pleasures of the flesh. You only go around once; grab all the gusto you can.” If we don’t follow him but instead persist in following God, then what does Satan do? He screams, “Look out! Calamity! The bridge is out. Disaster ahead! Everything is going to go to pieces.” Satan wants to fill our hearts with fear and despair so that if we follow God, at least we’ll do it with long faces, furrowed brows, and hearts devoid of joy.

But Romans 1:17 offers the solution for troubles, despair, and hopelessness: “The just shall live by faith.” This Scripture communicates the brightness of an everlasting hope in Christ. As we trust in Christ, he protects us. He takes care of our needs, our concerns. As we look to Him, the brooding mists of gray seem to dissolve, and we walk right through them.

You now know the secret of successful living. Live by it. Refuse to listen to Satan’s whisperings. Instead, trust Jesus Christ for this day and for all your tomorrows.

“Be not dismayed whatever betide;
God will take care of you.”