Living According to the Truth

“…whatever things are true…think on these things.”

— Philippians 4:8

In Philippians 4:8, Paul tells us to think on good and noble things. The first one he mentions is to think on what is true. That means true as opposed to false and true as opposed to unreal—the real as opposed to the unreal. Now we live in a day when many people echo Pilate, saying, “What is truth?” And they believe that there is no real truth.

Mark Twain said that the problem with most people is not what they don’t know, but what they know for certain that isn’t true. I think that statement is applicable to this discussion. Many think there is nothing real. But we know that Christ is true. We know that His Word is true. We know that God is true.

We should think on those things and whatever thoughts we should think on should be thoughts that are true, thoughts that are genuine and not phony. Many people live lives which are just not genuine, they are phony.

What they really try to be and to appear to people on the outside is not what they really are at all, and ultimately that is discovered. That’s why people so often today don’t last long in marriages because finally what they really are becomes apparent. They don’t last long in business, and many of them don’t last long in the ministry because finally the truth of what they are becomes manifest and that all leads back to their thinking. Whatever things are true and real—those we ought to think about.

God of Truth, grant us the strength to see and discern between truth and falsehood. Help us to be true in all our ways…