Little Things

“Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes.”

— Song of Solomon 2:15

In the Song of Solomon, we read of little foxes that ruin the vineyards. What are “little foxes”? I see them as the small things that don’t seem important but can spoil “tender grapes” such as a relationship, a career, or a life dedicated to Christ. How many marriages have failed because spouses paid no attention to the little things? How many athletes have lost competitions because of tiny bobbles or missteps? Many of us can see the big pictures of our lives and of our relationships with God but we neglect the details necessary for bringing the larger picture into focus. God neglects neither the great nor the small, and neither should we.

Have you attended to the “little foxes” in your life, the “minor” behaviors that can either draw you to or push you from the Lord?

Michelangelo, that marvelous genius and magnificent sculptor, was sculpting a figure from a block of marble while a friend looked on. After an absence of several months, the friend returned and said, “I see that you have not been working on your statue.” Michelangelo answered, “Oh yes, I have been working on it each day.” The friend asked, “Oh, how can that be?” The great artist replied, “I have softened this line here—the hem of this garment. I have straightened the lip and brought out this muscle more clearly . . . polished this . . . sharpened that.” “Well,” said his friend, “those are just trifles.” To that Michelangelo responded, “Trifles they may be, but you will remember that trifles make perfection; that perfection is no trifle.”

We must attend to the “trifles” if we ever hope to succeed. Attention to detail will determine the ultimate outcome and success of our lives. And as we act faithfully in the little things, God will bless us with greater opportunities for service. We will develop the faithfulness and obedience needed to conquer the great issues in the battle of life.

What “little foxes” do you need to attend to today? Commit yourself to addressing these “minor” issues, and watch how your conscientiousness affects the grander scheme of your life.

“Little things ultimately make a big difference in life.”