…yet we know that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but through faith in Jesus Christ.

— Galatians 2:16

If God had called us to climb Mt. Everest in order that we might have eternal life, there would be millions lined up to try it. However, He calls us to no such arduous task as that, but to a simple trust in Christ as our Savior. To do that, we must realize that we are unworthy and undeserving. We do not merit eternal life, and it is, therefore, a humbling experience to receive Christ. We must acknowledge our sin; we must acknowledge our unworthiness; we must acknowledge our guilt, and cast ourselves upon Him and His mercy.

When we realize that the law, and all the works of keeping the law, will not make us right with God, we are ready to have our own self-righteousness smashed. As we come to Jesus Christ, we can be justified—made right with God. This is justification—that God out of His mercy forgives us our sins, clothes us in the righteousness of Christ and looks at us through Him, as if we had never sinned.

Question to ponder:
Picture yourself clean and beautiful before God in Christ Jesus. What is your response?