“But there were none compared to Ahab, who sold himself to evil deeds in the sight of the Lord, which Jezebel his wife stirred up.”

— 1 Kings 21:25

When you hear the name Jezebel, what images are conjured up in your mind? She personifies evil. Jezebel is certainly an intriguing character.

She is the Lady Macbeth of the Scripture. She was in many ways a remarkably strong woman. In fact, she was the worst of all combinations. She was a very strong character and a very bad character. These are the types of people who wreak havoc on their centuries, and Jezebel most certainly did that.

She was the daughter of the king and high priest of the worship of Baal, the king of Sidon, a Phoenician city on the west coast of the Mediterranean by Tyre. Her father, Ethbaal, was the king of that city of the Phoenicians and he was also high priest of the temple of Baal. It was into this powerful home that Jezebel was born and molded. Molded as a woman who was born to rank and power, and secondly, as a woman who was taught all of the cruel and licentious and evil ways of Baal worship, which was a most venomous form of pagan superstition.

The name Jezebel means “unexalted,” and she was a great defender and propagator of her religion, and here we see an example of the damage that an evil religion can bring. Unfortunately, there are many Jezebels around in our day. But one day their due punishment will come. Hopefully, some of them will repent and turn to Jesus before it is too late. Meanwhile, we pray for deliverance from her seductive spirit.

Oh God, purge the wickedness in our hearts. Remove from us the Jezebel spirit that seeks to pull us ever downward and away from You. We live in a land that glorifies Jezebel, without coming to grips with her true end…