Jesus, Man of Miracles

“They were all amazed, and they glorified God and were filled with fear, saying, ‘We have seen wonderful things today.’”

— Luke 5:26

Jesus often caused people to wonder because of His miracles. In fact, “miracle” comes from the word mirare, meaning “to cause wonder.” Jesus was a man of miracles. We read that He went about doing good. What were His works? We know that carpenters build things with wood and nails. Preachers preach sermons. As to Jesus, His works were miracles.

Fred Melden said, “He [the Miracle Man] came to us by a miracle and left us by a miracle.” He was raised from the dead by a miracle, and everywhere He went there was one continuous stream of miracles. John tells that if all the things Jesus had done were written in a book all the world could not hold it. There are thirtythree miracles recorded in the Gospels. He lived to about thirty-three years of age, but the miracles are all recorded in a three-year period. But these were just a small token of the miracles He did.

He was a man of miracles. He was so full of goodness that the demons fled before Him. He was so full of life that death fled before Him. We read in the Scriptures the reactions to Christ were continually one of wonder and amazement and astonishment. We read, “They were terrified and frightened.”…“They marveled.”… “They were all amazed.”

Of course, His greatest miracle is the transformation He can bring to a human soul. For that miracle in my heart, I will ever be grateful.

Lord, give me strength for today that I might reflect well the great miracle You have worked in my heart—changing me from the inside out. God of the miraculous, thank You for all the signs and wonders that show forth Your power. Thank You for supernaturally intervening in my life without me even knowing it…