Jesus Can Change Anyone

“…for you have been born again, not from perishable seed, but imperishable, through the word of God which lives and abides forever.”

— 1 Peter 1:23

Jesus can change anyone. Malcolm Muggeridge of England was a witty journalist and the editor of the English satirical magazine, Punch. He became a convinced socialist during the days of Stalin. In the words of author Lloyd Billingsley, Muggeridge felt that the USSR “had a future, whereas Britain and the West had only a past.” He became the Moscow correspondent for the liberal British newspaper, Manchester Guardian. Before leaving for the “worker’s paradise,” he and his wife “cheerfully burned their bridges” destroying diplomas and their marriage certificate and other vestiges of bourgeois society, as they embraced Communism. But when they arrived in “Utopia,” they were disillusioned. Eventually he realized that man cannot bring utopia on earth, Muggeridge became a Christian and used his writing skills to bring glory to Christ.

Through the years, I’ve seen thousands of people come to Christ. All of them have a story to tell in one way or another. Some stories are more dramatic than others, but as long as they truly come to Christ, they are on their way to heaven. I think of a man whose whole family rejoiced when he was converted. His daughter told my wife: “I’ve got a new daddy. And I like him better than the old one.”

Of course, among the finest testimonies are those of individuals who grow up in a Christian home and love and serve the Lord faithfully all their lives, without ever going on the path of the prodigal son. It doesn’t matter how you come to Christ—what matters is that you come to Christ.

Lord, give me strength for today to walk with You in the new life You bring. Thank You, Jesus, that You make all things new and have changed our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh…