Is Your Scope In Focus?

“I press toward the goal to the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

— Philippians 3:14

The Greek word translated in this verse as “goal” (in the King James it is “mark”) is the word from which we get scope, as in telescope, microscope, or in the common phraseology of the day, to “scope out” something. It means “to look into.”

Now in a race track the course is marked out very clearly as to where we are to go, but in the course of life there are no chalk lines on either side of us, so therefore it is important that we scope out the goal. In this Christian race, we need not only to run fast, to stretch forward, to press on. The problem with many people is they are going the wrong way. Now they may be going very fast, they may be succeeding and making great advances, but they are just going in the wrong direction.

One husband driving with his wife on vacation came to a crossroads. His wife said they ought to turn left. He chose to turn right. Then he drove the next 50 miles figuring out how he could turn around and go the other way without his wife knowing it.

As Christians we need to make sure we have not lost sight of the real goal. We have a heavenly calling that should guide our lives. We are so bombarded with the material things of this life and the world in all of its secularism, we could totally lose sight of the fact that there is any high calling at all.

Father God, we ask You to help us to keep our focus on You and Your work. Help us not to be distracted by earthly things…