I Was Blind, Now I See

“…we declare to you that which we have seen and heard, that you also may have fellowship with us…”

— 1 John 1:3

Some Christians hold back from being witnesses for Christ because they don’t feel qualified somehow. But you are not called to be an expert witness—just a witness, and there is a great deal of difference. The preacher is supposed to be an expert witness, but the layman is not.

You recall that in the Bible there was a man who was a witness, and they tried continually to change him into an expert witness and he would not be changed. Remember him, the man born blind described in John 9? They said to him, “Now tell us the truth. We know that God does not hear sinners and this man (Jesus) is a sinner and, therefore, God wouldn’t hear His prayers, so how can you see?” And he said, “That’s systematic theology 302, and I haven’t even been to seminary. I don’t know. But one thing I know: Whereas I was blind, now I see.”

You don’t have to be a walking biblical encyclopedia to be a witness for Christ; you simply have to know the Gospel and know what has happened in your life. Of course, then there is the excuse, “Well, that’s the preacher’s job. He’s the one who knows the answers to all of those questions.”

In Evangelism Explosion, we teach you the answers to a few basic objections, which are heard over and over again. In answering about a dozen questions, we take care of about 99 percent of the objections raised in evangelism. If you are in Christ, you were once blind, but now you see.

Jesus, give me strength for today that I might share Your love with someone who needs to hear how You have touched my life. Let me be a faithful witness and thank You for the opportunities You give me…