“I Don’t Want to Get Involved”

If you refrain to deliver those who are drawn unto death, and those who are ready to be slain;

— Proverbs 24:11

In March 1964 a young New Yorker named Kitty Genovese came home from work, put her key into the lock on the front door of the apartment building she lived in. Suddenly a man grabbed her from behind and when she screamed, he cut her with a knife. She screamed louder and said, “Help, I’m dying. Help me. Somebody help me. This man is killing me.”

Windows went up all over the huge building. People looked down at her as she screamed for help. The police finally arrived thirty minutes later. It had taken thirty minutes of screaming for Kitty Genovese to die. No one in the building called the police.

Thirty-eight residents of that building said they saw the murder. When asked why they didn’t intervene or call the police, each answered, “We didn’t want to get involved.” Don’t you feel like going up and punching those people in the nose? I do. “This woman is being carved into pieces, and you didn’t want to get involved?”

As Christians we are called to get involved in the lives of others. We are called to a life of service and witness for Him.

Question to ponder:
How can you “get involved” today or this week to help people in need?