Humanistic Religion

Let God be true but every man a liar.

— Romans 3:4

The humanistic religion, which is the foundation of our recent legal revolution, is based upon evolutionary theory. It holds that man has evolved from inanimate matter and exists in a universe without God and is therefore responsible for developing his own laws, which are not in any way answerable to a supreme being. As a result our laws have become more man-centered and godless.

It is interesting that for almost 2,000 years, much of civilization—including laws—was theocentric or God-centered. In the last several decades, however, there has been a great shift taking place and now the law is becoming anthropocentric; i.e., man-centered. Anthropology is replacing theology as the principle focus of attention. Self-image has become an overriding concern on the part of numerous writers. We are told that the most important thing is to develop a positive self-image. We are told that unless we love ourselves, we cannot love others; that self-love is an indispensable prerequisite to useful living—even Christian living in this world.

Humanism is just another way of talking about atheism. There was a time, years ago, when it was not politic to be an atheist, and so, instead of that, they switched to humanism. Atheism says “down with God”; humanism says “up with man”—but the end is the same. But God will not be mocked forever. He will arise in due time and judge all.

Question to ponder:
Do you think you have any godless humanistic tendencies in your own thinking?