Government Can Be the Great Persecutor

“…and the same horn was warring with the saints and prevailing against them”

— Daniel 7:21

In Daniel 7, the prophet, who lived about 500 years before Christ, had a vision in which he foresaw one pagan kingdom after another arise. They were like beasts. The final one, believed by most commentators to be the Roman Empire, was a fierce persecuting beast. It waged war against the saints, and for a time it prevailed against them, and Rome provided a picture of what was to come.

The great persecutions that have come to the Christian church down through the centuries have come from government. One government after another, from Egypt to Assyria to Babylonia to the Roman Empire to the time of Hitler to the Soviets, all have fought against the saints of God.

Remember that the saints in the early times of this era had to face the actual beasts in the Coliseum. In America, I think initially we had a government that looked upward to God. But more and more progressively, because of the sinfulness of Christians, because of our unwillingness to witness for Jesus Christ and get involved in the culture, we are seeing more and more discrimination against things Christian. If you are truly a Christian, then expect anti-Christian persecution. Jesus said that if they persecuted Him, the Master, how much more will they persecute us, His followers? But we can rejoice because one day, in His sovereignty, He will show us why He allowed it all.

Lord, give us strength today to face any persecution for Your name’s sake. Strengthen our faith so that we will persevere to the end and receive the Crown of Life. Let us be faithful in prayer for all who suffer for Your sake…