God’s Rules for Sex Are for Our Good

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
— Romans 6:23

What has the sexual revolution with its promotion of promiscuity brought us? First, there is the spiritual damage. Lust wages war against the soul—many have fallen away from the faith because their lust got the better of them. Then there is the psychological and sociological damage, such as broken hearts and broken homes. Furthermore, today there are more than two dozen sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that are epidemic in our population.

So maybe God isn’t such an ogre after all. And maybe every good gift and every perfect gift does come down from above, and not up from beneath with a hook in it and Satan at the other end of the line.

Probably the basic lie of Satan underlying all of his deceptions is the lie that the laws of God will restrict and narrow and diminish one’s life. How many people have sadly learned that just the opposite is true, when their bodies have been vitiated by venereal disease, or their minds have been scrambled by various guilt-induced psychoses or neuroses, and they find only too late that had they followed God’s path their lives would have been enriched and ennobled?

The problem is that in America today we have confused love with lust, and these are almost antithetically opposed to each other. The essence of lust is a desire to get something from someone else. Love is the opposite. Love gives.

God of truth, help us never to believe the devil’s lies. Help us to trust You fully and to obey Your plan for our lives. Thank You that when we follow You faithfully You give us “none of these diseases.” Forgive us for any past sins; give us the strength to avoid them as we move forward…