God Rules in History

“There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the Lord.”

— Proverbs 21:30

How wondrous it is when we see all of the anti-God powers of this world crumble before the power of our Lord. It is amazing as we see God working in history and how so often when evil systems and empires and powers have seemed to rise to the very zenith of their power that suddenly they wither and crumble away.

So it was with Egypt in the days of the Exodus, as it would be later in Assyria, as it would be in Babylon, as it came to be in Rome when the barbarians came and knocked upon the eternal city of Rome. So it was with the Nazis, as they moved across Europe and then suddenly their power seemed to be broken and they, like a wounded octopus, drew their tentacles back to themselves to die in the mix of the rubble and ruin. So it was with the vaulted claims of fascism.

Then in our own recent time, so it was also with many of the nations in the grip of communism. When it seemed that there was nothing that could stop its inexorable march across the world, suddenly, it seemed almost overnight to begin to crumble and collapse everywhere. God is sovereign and God is faithful and will protect and cause those who are His own to persevere.

Persecutors of the church have down through the centuries discovered that God fights for His own. He is rarely early but never too late, as the Israelites discovered at the Red Sea with the Egyptian army bearing down on them—just before God destroyed it. How wondrous is our Lord!

God of history, thank You for ruling in the affairs of men. Thank You that evil is only permitted for a given time and then will be stopped. Thank You for Your wonderful plan for the world…