Then the presidents and officials sought to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom, but they could find no occasion or fault because he was faithful; nor was there any error or fault found in him.

— Daniel 6:4

Several Babylonian officials were on a fault-finding mission, to bring Daniel down. They found nothing. People love to find faults in others, especially in people who are in the Church. We Christians should be blameless ourselves, nor should we find fault in others. Sad to say, very few people are in Daniel’s league. We are told not to judge others and not to point out their faults. That should be left to the Lord.

Every commandment in the Bible also contains a commandment to do the opposite good. Not only is it true that we are not to find fault (do not judge, or you will be judged), we are to find good. We are to be “good-finders.”

Andrew Carnegie said that when gold is mined, tons of dirt are moved to get one ounce of gold, but they are not looking at the dirt, they are looking for the gold. The faultfinder is looking for the dirt, and he never finds the gold. We have to become a good-thinker and a good-seeker so that we are looking for the good.

Just think of how many good things you could find about relatives, fellow workers, fellow students, friends, neighbors and others that you could bring to their attention and thereby bless their lives.

Question to ponder:
Can you find some good in another today and share that good with them?