Faithful to the End

“Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua and of the elders who outlived Joshua…”

— Joshua 24:31

It is interesting that the greatest of saints and the greatest of conquerors in this world have been those who had had grit—they have been willing to go just a little bit farther, a little bit longer for God.

General William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, was very enthusiastic in his love for the Lord to the end. When he reached about 80 years of age, he had an operation on his eyes for his failing sight. It was unsuccessful, and he called his son, Bramwell Booth, to his side and his son heard his father say this, “I fear that I shall not have much chance to see objects anymore. God knows best. I have done what I could for my Lord with my eyes; now I shall do what I can for Him without them.”

That is true grit, a grit that doesn’t quit. Joshua persisted, and there are not many in Scripture about whose character so few blemishes are recorded, as that of Joshua, the son of Nun.

Throughout all of his time leading Israel we find no idolatry, no alliances with the heathen, none of the transgressions that so angered the Lord. It is a virtually perfect example of faithfulness and character and fidelity to the Lord. His epitaph is: Joshua, the son of Nun, the servant of Jehovah. Joshua, a Hebrew name, means the Lord saves—the same name in Greek is Jesus. May we be found to be faithful to the Lord all our days as well.

Faithful Father, grant me the strength to stay faithful to You all my life. Thank You for Your faithfulness to me year after year. Thank You for all You have seen me through…