Excellence in all Things

You know His will, and approve the things that are more excellent …

— Romans 2:18

We serve a most excellent God.

When we realize the greatness, glory, and majesty of our God, we should react with praise. Truly, our hearts should rejoice and the greatness of our God should cause us to sing of His glory and should also move us to reverential awe. When we see how great and glorious God is, when we grasp how His righteousness, holiness, and justice never change, and that He is infinite and eternal, we should be moved to awe. We should be moved to peace and comfort to know that if we have been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, we are in the hands of a Being Who can never fail—One Who can never die.

Lastly, we should also be moved to excellence. Always, we should strive to give God our best: our best in worship, our best in work. It should be our standard as His children for He is most excellent in power and beauty.

That is why I have always tried to employ the best musicians, the best organists, the best pastors and staff. No Christian should be content to imitate in thought, word, or deed what one has called “the Patron Saint of Mediocrity.”

Question to ponder:
How do you offer your best to God?